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Import Templates

You can import new templates, or update existing ones, from a csv file.

This lets you update the contents of multiple templates at the same.

  1. Open the Briskine Dashboard.
  2. Go to Main menu → Import templates.
  3. Select the csv file from your computer.
  4. Review the information about the templates you're about to import.
  5. Press Import templates.

File format

The csv import file needs to have the same format as the csv file with your exported templates. You can export your templates first, to get the the correct format and data.

When you manually create the file, use the following format:

idUnique template id.
titleTemplate title.
shortcutUnique template shortcut.
subjectTemplate email subject.
toTemplate To field.
ccTemplate CC field.
bccTemplate BCC field.
tagsComma-separated list of template tags.
bodyHTML template content.

The exported csv file contains an additional body_plain_text field, which is ignored when importing templates.

Template shortcuts

Since no two templates can have the same template shortcut, to be used for keyboard-only template insert, the template shortcuts in the csv file will also have to be unique.

If you already have a template with the same shortcut, we'll skip the template in the csv file.

Creating and updating templates

The import functionality uses the id to determine if it should create a new template, or update an existing one.

  • If you already have a template with the same id, we'll update the existing template.
  • If you don't have a template with the specified id, or if the template in the csv file doesn't have an id set, we'll create a new template with a new, unique id (not the one specified in the csv file).

To update a shared template that was not created by you, you must have write permissions on the template.