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Template Shortcuts

Using template shortcuts is the fastest way to insert templates, without getting your hands off the keyboard.

Each of your templates can have a unique template shortcut. It can be word, a list of characters, or just a single character.

You can then type the template shortcut for a specific template, and press Tab to insert it on any website.

For example, using the default Briskine templates, typing nic and pressing Tab will insert the It was nice talking to you template.

Inserting Briskine templates using template shortcuts.

Set template shortcuts

When you create a new template, you can set its shortcut by filling in the Template Shortcut field on the top-right.

Template shortcuts can be short words, or just any characters that you can easily remember as being connected to that particular template. They must not contain any spaces.

A template shortcut must be unique for each template. You cannot have two different templates with the same shortcut.


Template shortcuts are case-sensitive. You must be careful combining uppercase and lowercase letters.

If your template shortcut is set to nic, typing Nic and pressing Tab will not insert the template. You must type the shortcut exactly as you've set it.

Change the keyboard shortcut

By default, Tab is the keyboard shortcut that you use to insert templates with shortcuts.

You can change it to a different key, or combination of keys, in Dashboard Settings.

Use template shortcuts on Mobile

On mobile, instead of using the Tab key, you can swipe right to insert templates with shortcuts.

Just like on your computer, you'll type the template shortcut first, then swipe right to insert the template.