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Briskine is a browser extension that speeds up your email and message writing.

⚡ Write emails, messages, and replies faster by inserting templates in Gmail,, LinkedIn, or any other website.

🖌️ Briskine templates can have rich text (bold, italic, text colors, aligned text, etc.) and even contain images, tables, or emojis.

🪄 You can use variables to insert dynamic content like today's date or the email recipient.

✨ Automatically add attachments to an email, set the to/cc/bcc address, or send the email from a different address.

📘 Share and edit template with your whole team, to keep them consistent and up to date when replying to your customers.

Use cases

If you find yourself writing the same email over and over, Briskine is the right tool for you.

Briskine is great for people working in customer support, sales, hiring, project management, real state, and many other fields.

Save hours by creating templates for your frequently used emails, messages, or replies, and insert them with a quick keyboard shortcut.

How Briskine works

See the interactive Getting Started Tutorial to get an idea about how Briskine works.


Install the extension for your browser from

Briskine is available for all the popular browsers:

Creating a free account

After you've installed the extension, you'll get started by creating a free account.

You'll then be able to log in to the extension and access your dashboard to create and manage templates.

Premium subscription

Briskine is free for individual users, for both personal and professional use, with a limit of 30 templates.

You can share and collaborate on templates with your whole team by upgrading to the Premium plan. The Premium plan will also allow you to add unlimited templates.

More details about the Premium plan on the Pricing page.