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Template Attachments

Briskine can automatically add attachments to an email or message when you insert a template.

When you insert the template, attachments will show up after the template content as clickable links.

Add attachments to an email or message

Set up the attachments you want added with a template in the Dashboard.

  1. Create a new template or edit an existing one.
  2. Expand the Add Attachments section and press the ➕ Add Attachments button.
  3. Select the files that you want to attach from your computer.
  4. Save the template.

Once you've set up the template with the attachments, insert the template as you normally would (see Inserting Templates).

The attachments will be added after the template content/text.

How attachments work

Briskine attachments are HTML or plain-text links to files stored on our servers. They are not real email attachments, since Briskine cannot access that functionality in your email client.

They have a special appearance, making them look similar to Google Drive attachments in Gmail.

When you add attachments to a template, we upload the files from your computer to our servers. Then, when you insert the template, we create a link to that file and insert it at the end of the template.


On websites that don't support rich text (e.g., LinkedIn), an attachment will show up as a file name with its link in square brackets.

your-file.pdf []

Security and privacy considerations

To make attachments accessible to the person you're sending the message to, we have to make the files public on the internet. This means that anyone with the link to the file can view it, not just the person you sent it to (in contrast with how standard email attachments work).

If you are familiar with Google Drive file sharing, this is similar to sharing a Google Drive file with Anyone with the link.

When you add a file as an attachment to a template, we rename it with a hard-to-guess, random character combination. This makes it harder for people without the link to guess and access it. For example, a file named invoice.pdf is renamed to 123abcd-invoice.pdf.


Even if we rename the files you upload as attachments, making their links hard to guess, they are still public on the internet.

We recommend that you don't upload any sensitive or private files to be used as attachments.