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Template Sharing

Premium subscribers can share templates with the other team members. Sharing gives everyone access to the same templates, sets a tone for your emails and messages, and is great for collaboration.

Team members can edit shared templates together, or they can be viewed by some and edited by others.

Share templates individually

To share a single template, open the template edit screen and open the Sharing panel at the bottom of the page.

Share templates in bulk

To share multiple templates, select multiple templates from a list of templates, then press the Share templates button in the sidebar.

Sharing settings

When sharing templates, you can set read and write permissions for them.

There are two levels of permissions on a template:

🔵 Who can access: Can view and use (insert) the template, but cannot edit it.

Can be set to:

  • Private: Only the person who created the template can see it.
  • Everyone on the team: All team members can see the template.
  • Specific team members: Only selected team members can see the template.

🟡 Who can edit: Can edit, delete, or change sharing settings on the template.

Similar to the viewing permissions, this can be set to:

  • Only me: Only the person who created the template can edit it.
  • Everyone who can access: Everyone who can see the template can also edit it.
  • Specific team members: Only selected team members can edit the template.

Editing permissions will only be visible if Who has access is set to either Everyone on the team or Specific team members.


The person who created the template will always be able to access and edit the template, regardless of its sharing settings.

Sharing notifications

To notify team members about newly available templates, you can send them an email notification when you share a template with them. Sharing notifications are only available when sharing templates with specific team members.

Once you've chosen Specific team members under the sharing settings, check the email notification option. To provide further context for the shared templates, you can add an optional note that will be added to the email.