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Once you and your team build up a number of templates, finding the right one can be difficult. Searching allows you to find the right template easily.

When searching for templates, we look for the search query inside the Template Title, Template Shortcut, Template Tags, and the Template Body.

We're using "fuzzy searching" to filter your templates. Fuzzy searching means we're approximately matching your search text with the template titles, shortcuts, or contents. This makes it easier to find your templates.

If you need an exact match, or a specific template, you can use the advanced search features.

Advanced searching allows you to fine-tune results.

Search Prefixes

You can use prefixes to your search query to get exact or inverse matches on your templates.

White space acts as an AND operator, while a single pipe (|) character acts as an OR operator. To escape white space, use double quote (eg. ="template title") for an exact match.

PrefixMatch typeDescription
greetingsfuzzy-matchItems that fuzzy match greetings
=regardsexact-matchItems that have the exact regards title, shortcut, or body
'kindinclude-matchItems that include kind in the title, shortcut, or body
!kindinverse-exact-matchItems that do not include kind
^helloprefix-exact-matchItems that start with hello
!^helloinverse-prefix-exact-matchItems that do not start with hello
regards$suffix-exact-matchItems that end with regards
!regards$inverse-suffix-exact-matchItems that do not end with regards

Search Operators

You can use special search operators to filter your search results. You can also combine operators to filter your templates even more.

You can use search operators with the regular text search, in the search fields from the Dashboard or the Briskine Dialog.

Using search operators in the Briskine Dialog

Search operators you can use

What you can search bySearch operator & example
Search by tagtag: or :in
Example: tag:en
Example: in:greetings
Search by template titletitle:
Example: title:Hello
Example: title:"Kind regards"
Search by template shortcutshortcut:
Example: shortcut:h
Search by template TO fieldto:
Search by template Subject fieldsubject:
Example: subject:Hello
Example: subject:"Tuesday update"
  • You can combine advanced search operators with regular text search.
    Example: in:en Nice to meet

  • You can also combine multiple search operators.
    Example: tag:en shortcut:h Nice to meet

  • Operator values that contain spaces must use double quotes.
    Example: title:"Kind regards"