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Briskine Dialog

The Briskine Dialog is a popup that you can open in any text field, on any website, to insert templates.

Briskine Dialog user interface elements showing the Actions, Settings, and keyboard shortcut.

Before inserting a template, you can browse through your templates, or search for a specific one. You'll see the template name, shortcut, tags, and a short preview of the template content.

By default, templates are sorted by when they were last used. You can change the sorting from the Settings panel. You can also tweak other settings there, like hiding the tags, if you feel they take too much space.

On the bottom left, you'll find the Actions panel, with links for the most common actions - like creating a new template.

Open the dialog using the Briskine Bubble

The Briskine Bubble is a small floating button that will appear at the top of text fields. When you press it, it will open the Briskine Dialog.

Briskine Bubble showed on Gmail,, and LinkedIn.


The Briskine Bubble will only show up on Gmail,, and LinkedIn. You will not see it on other websites.

When the bubble is not visible, you can open the dialog with the keyboard shortcut.

Open the dialog using the keyboard shortcut

You can open the dialog in any text field, on any website, with a keyboard shortcut. The default keyboard shortcut for the dialog is Ctrl+Space.

Opening the Briskine Dialog with the default keyboard shortcut.

Using the keyboard shortcut means you can use the Briskine Dialog even on websites where the Briskine Bubble is not visible.

This will also help you insert templates faster, as you won't have to reach for the mouse to press the Briskine Bubble (on websites where it's visible).


You can change the dialog shortcut to any other key combination, in Dashboard Settings.

Keyboard navigation in the dialog

Once you opened the dialog, you can start typing to search through your templates.

Navigate the template list with the up/down arrow keys on your keyboard, and insert the selected one by pressing enter Enter.

Pressing Esc will close the dialog.

When searching for templates in the dialog, we'll use fuzzy searching. This means we won't only look for the exact term, but also for variations of it. This helps with finding the right template even if you don't know the exact title.

You can also perform exact matches, search only for templates with specific tags or specific shortcuts, with Advanced Search operators and prefixes.